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Who is “GAB” ?

The GAB story is divided into two parts: «GAB CAFE» and «GAB MAISON».

«GAB CAFE» is a place that caters to people who like to go to work in cafes. In coffee there is no obligation to consume. Also, you can bring your own food, there is a fridge and a microwave. There is also a printer and a scanner. There are also lockers if you wish to have your business address on «Boulevard Saint-Laurent» and be able to receive packages. You can consult:

«GAB MAISON» is a house for travelers, people in transition, those nomadic souls who live in a sedentary age in search of a foot to the shore or who like to feel at home, everywhere, all the time.

The first floor includes a kitchen open to a dining room, a bathroom, a shared room with 4 beds and a large garden.

We still do not write articles in English. You can check our blog in French:

Do you know the “GAB travel assist”?

Since the time I travel, I am pretty bombarded with questions about my email, my Facebook and Messenger to understand that travel advice is a need that is pretty much shared by quite a lot of people.

When I went to Nepal and Thailand, I was really lost and needed advice not to lose myself and I was lucky to have friends to advise me.

It’s a bit like that that gave me the idea of ​​doing a virtual concierge to help travelers. So the way I imagined it is simply by clicking on the button “Chat me”, you arrive on Messenger and you talk to me directly.

You can tell me your itinerary, what you want to do, what month of the year you are leaving, and how long, and how long, I will advise you to the best of my knowledge. I have not traveled all over the world but the stuff I have accumulated is not bad everywhere! Also, I have a good community of traveling friends so they can help me give you personalized advice.

In the background I imagine that $ 5 a month and worse with that we will be able to chat together, you ask me all your questions and it will be a pleasure to answer you!