Hey, my name is Gab. I'm a nomad entrepreneur.
Therefore I am proud to introduce GAB Coliving
Best neighborhoods. Meet ton's of people. Starting at 15$ a night.
Feel's like a coffee. Made like an office. Starting at 2.50$ a day.

Welcome to my wonderful world of travelling, entrepreneurship and adventures.

GAB is what you would call ‘my lifetime laboratory’, where I test my ideas and, moreover, I try to to build new business models out of them.

Finally, I can tell you it hasn’t been an easy road: I have failed more times than I care to admit, but it’s ok, I’ve become a better entrepreneur.

Aside from my GAB Coworking & GAB Coliving, behold some of my new babies:

GAB Shop

To be honest, I thought I would think about this project for some more months (years, actually) because I have already too much on my plate with the scaling of my other projects; however, all these events that are happening in the world right now, have pushed me to go forth with this one, even if it is not ready yet.

What is the GAB shop?

The GAB shop is, the way I think of it, a series of tools for freelancers and companies that offer their products & services online.

Me, as a programmer, entrepreneur, and technologist, have built good experience to help other freelancers.

So, in order to start, you can use this form to let us know what is your company or project about, and how we could help you.

To be completely honest with you, I have no idea of what is going to be my business model (how I am going to make money) with this project, but for now, I just thought it would be a good idea to ask this: What can I do for you on the short-term?

You can leave your e-mail in the form, and in that way I can communicate with you to know what your needs are, and to see how I can help you out.


Some years ago I attached a GoPro in front of my good ol’ boat to see what’s up, and I must say i was surprised at the results.

After searching, I discovered that this was actually Slow tv, made popular by that bonfire non-stop video and the train ride between Bergen and Oslo in Norway.

It’s kinda like tv-decoration. Cool, eh?

I thought that was an amazing idea, so I decided to film my adventures around the world and to publish them here, both for better or worse.