Gab’s Trivia Podcast Ep.1 The World’s Capitals

Greetings, travelers and curious of the world! I’m Gab, a passionate globetrotter and trivia enthusiast who has decided to bring his adventures and knowledge to this corner of the Internet. Through words, I want to take you on a journey around the world, not only to discover places but to immerse ourselves in the curiosities and secrets that every corner of the planet holds.

From the vibrant streets of Tokyo to the enigmatic aura of Canberra, to the living history of cities like Paris and the surprises hidden in every capital of the world, this blog is a reflection of my love for traveling, learning and, above all, sharing. But this is not just about me, it’s about each of us, the stories we weave and the experiences that bring us together.

In each post, you will find not only stories of my adventures, but also trivia and fascinating facts that will make each destination come alive in a unique and special way. Are you ready to take off on this adventure of knowledge and exploration? Join me, and together let’s make this journey unforgettable!
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What is the capital of Japan?

the image that represents the duality of Tokyo: the vibrant life of Shibuya alongside the peace of the ancestral temples.

The answer is Tokyo, a metropolis that never sleeps, always on the move and constantly evolving. But Tokyo is not just a city; it is a cosmos in itself. With more than 13 million inhabitants, this city is the nerve center of Japan in terms of politics, economy and culture.

Imagine strolling through Shibuya, one of Tokyo’s most famous districts, and being absorbed by the frenetic pace of the city, where giant neon screens light up the streets and the crowds move in unison, keeping up with the rhythm of modern life. But Tokyo is also home to tranquil gardens and temples that have stood the test of time, offering a haven of peace and spirituality in the midst of bustling city life.

From the majestic Tokyo Tower, which offers a panoramic view of the city, to the historic streets of Asakusa, home to the famous Senso-ji temple, Tokyo is a place of contrasts. It is a city where the future meets tradition, where every corner has a story to tell and every alley hides a new adventure.

So, friends, when you think of Tokyo, remember that it is not only the capital of Japan; it is a universe waiting to be explored, an invitation to get lost and find yourself in each of its corners. Until next time, dear travelers and trivia fans!

What is the capital of Brazil?

the image that reflects the unique fusion of modernist architecture and the rich culture of Brasilia.

The answer, perhaps surprising to some, is not Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo, but Brasilia, a city that is a work of art in itself. Conceived on drawing boards and brought to reality in the heart of the country, Brasilia is a testament to human ingenuity and foresight.

Brasilia is known for its unique architecture, characterized by the modern lines and innovative forms of architect Oscar Niemeyer. From the Metropolitan Cathedral, with its impressive hanging angels, to the National Congress, with its iconic twin towers and inverted dome, the city is a canvas where creativity and design meet everyday life.

But Brasilia is not just architecture and urbanism. It is a city that beats to the rhythm of Brazil’s cultural diversity, a place where music, gastronomy and the arts meet on every corner. It is a meeting point of the different faces of Brazil, where the traditions of north and south, east and west, mingle and give life to a vibrant and unique cultural experience.

So, when you think of Brazil’s capital, remember that Brasilia is not just the administrative center of the country; it is a tribute to Brazil’s culture, innovation and indomitable spirit. See you on the next adventure, dear globetrotters and trivia lovers!

What is the capital of Australia?

the image that captures the harmony and beauty of Canberra, reflecting both its rich nature and its well-kept urbanization.

Contrary to what many might think, the capital is not Sydney or Melbourne, but Canberra, a hidden gem between Melbourne and Sydney. Meticulously designed to be the capital, Canberra is not only the political heart of Australia, but also a center of art, history and nature.

In Canberra, you can stroll along Lake Burley Griffin, a mirror of water that reflects the blue sky and the city’s iconic buildings. Not far from there, you’ll find the National Gallery of Australia, home to a vast collection of Aboriginal art, along with contemporary and classical works of art from around the world.

But Canberra is also synonymous with nature. The National Botanic Gardens is a sanctuary of Australian flora, where eucalyptus and acacia bushes tell ancestral stories. And if you’re looking for a panoramic view, Mount Ainslie awaits you with its trail that takes you to contemplate the city from the heights, revealing the magnificent planning of this designed capital.

So when you think of Australia’s capital, remember that Canberra is a symphony of culture, politics and nature, a place where every building, every park and every museum has a story to tell.

What is the capital of Canada?

the image that portrays the serenity and rich culture of Ottawa, showing both the vitality of life in the city and the natural beauty that surrounds it.

Canada’s capital is Ottawa, a city that represents the quiet yet deeply vibrant spirit of the country. Ottawa, far from being just a government center, is a tapestry of culture, history and natural beauty.

To stroll along the Rideau Canal, especially when it transforms into the world’s largest outdoor skating rink during the winter, is to immerse yourself in a vivid postcard of Canadian life. Meanwhile, Parliament Hill is not only the epicenter of Canadian politics, but also a place where Gothic architecture meets panoramic views of the Ottawa River.

And if you’re looking for an encounter with art and history, the Canadian Museum of History and the National Gallery of Canada are treasures waiting to be explored, where every exhibit and every work of art tells a part of Canada’s and the world’s vast narrative.

Ottawa is an invitation to experience Canadian calm and friendliness, a city where every season brings its own charms and where the beauty of nature is never far away. So, when you think of Canada’s capital, remember that Ottawa is much more than a city: it is a reflection of the essence of a country.

What is the capital of South Africa?

the image that captures the diversity and unique beauty of South Africa's three capital cities, reflecting the country's rich tapestry of cultures and landscapes.

The answer leads us to an interesting detail about this country: South Africa is distinguished by having not one, but three capitals. Yes, you read that right. Pretoria is the administrative capital, Bloemfontein the judicial capital and Cape Town the legislative capital. This unique distribution reflects the diversity and historical complexity of South Africa.

Pretoria is known for its purple jacarandas that adorn the streets and bring the city to life each spring. It is a place where history and modernity meet, where imposing government buildings stand with dignity and pride.

Bloemfontein, meanwhile, is an oasis of calm, known as the city of roses for the thousands of rose bushes that decorate the city. It is a center of justice and a place where tranquility and natural beauty invite reflection.

And finally, Cape Town, with its breathtaking Table Mountain and views of the Atlantic Ocean, is a sight to behold. It is a vibrant city, a melting pot of cultures and a destination that enamors all who visit.

So when you think of South Africa’s capital, remember that you are thinking of three distinct cities, each with its own essence, its own history and its own role in the fabric of this fascinating country.

What is the capital of Russia?

the image that portrays the majesty and vibrant spirit of Moscow, showing both the historical grandeur and dynamic life of Russia's capital.

The answer takes us to imposing and enigmatic Moscow, a city that is both the beating heart of Russia and an enigma wrapped in layers of history and modernity. Moscow is not only the political and economic capital of Russia; it is also a stage where centuries of art, power and spirituality are played out.

Red Square is the epicenter of Moscow, a place where the magnificence of the past meets the pulse of the present. Here, the Kremlin stands as a symbol of power and mystery, while St. Basil’s Cathedral dazzles with its colorful domes, telling tales of faith and beauty.

But Moscow is more than its iconic monuments. It is a metropolis in constant motion, where the arteries of the metro carry the rhythm of the city, and the parks and art galleries offer a respite of tranquility and reflection. It is a city of contrasts, where the opulence of its theaters and boutiques meets the simplicity of its cafes and markets.

So, when you think of Russia’s capital, remember that Moscow is a tapestry woven with threads of history, culture and contemporary life, a place where every corner has a story to tell and every evening brings with it the promise of new adventures.

What is the capital of Mexico?

the image that captures the vitality and rich cultural heritage of Mexico City, showing both the ancient history and the dynamism of modern life in the capital.

The answer is Mexico City, a metropolis that throbs with the life and tradition of a people that has woven its history over centuries. Mexico City is not only the political and economic center of the country; it is a melting pot of civilizations, where the echoes of the Aztecs resound among modern avenues and skyscrapers.

The Zócalo, the heart of the city, is a stage where the pre-Hispanic past, the colonial legacy and contemporary Mexico meet. Not far from there, the ruins of the Templo Mayor speak of a time when gods and men walked together, while the Palacio de Bellas Artes houses the voices and colors of artists who have shaped Mexican identity.

And what can we say about gastronomy? Mexico City is a paradise for lovers of good food, where every dish tells a story, and every taste is an invitation to explore the richness of the land.

So, when you think of Mexico’s capital, remember that you are thinking of a city that is an open book, a living narrative where every street, every building and every face has a story to tell.

What is the capital of France?

the image that captures the romantic essence and rich heritage of Paris, reflecting both the majesty of its monuments and the unique atmosphere of its streets and rivers.

The answer takes us to the iconic and always fascinating Paris, the “City of Light”. Paris is not only the political and cultural capital of France; it is a canvas where dreams are painted, a stage where every corner, every café and every street has a story to tell.

The Eiffel Tower rises on the horizon, not just as a monument, but as a symbol of human ingenuity and the beauty that emerges when art and science meet. Meanwhile, the Seine River flows like life itself, meandering between historic bridges and banks that have been the muses of artists, poets and lovers.

But Paris is more than its iconic monuments. It is a city of vibrant neighborhoods, where the aroma of a freshly baked croissant mingles with the notes of an accordion, where every art gallery, every boutique and every bookstore is a doorway to a new world of exploration and wonder.

So, when you think of the capital of France, remember that Paris is a poem written in cobblestone streets, a symphony of light and shadow, and an eternal dance between tradition and innovation.

What is the capital of China?

the image that captures the unique fusion of Beijing's rich historical heritage and innovative spirit, showcasing both the majesty of the Forbidden City and the modernity of the Bird's Nest.

The answer leads us to the imposing and multifaceted Beijing (Beijing), a city that is a living testimony to China’s glorious past and its dynamic present. Beijing is not only the political center of the country; it is an epicenter of culture, art and power that has shaped history over the centuries.

The Forbidden City stands in the center of Beijing, an imperial palace that has witnessed the dynasties that have written China’s history. Its red walls and golden roofs are a reminder of the grandeur and complexity of Chinese culture.

But Beijing is also synonymous with modernity. The Olympic Park, with its impressive National Stadium, known as the “Bird’s Nest”, symbolizes the spirit of renewal and the focus on the future that characterizes contemporary China.

In addition, dining in Beijing is an adventure in itself. From traditional lacquered duck to vibrant street food markets, every bite is an exploration of flavors and traditions that have survived and evolved through the ages.

So, when you think of China’s capital, remember that Beijing is a city where every street, every building and every dish tells a part of the story of a country in constant motion, a place where past and present meet to weave the future.

What is the capital of Italy?

 la imagen que refleja la riqueza histórica y la vitalidad de Roma, mostrando tanto la majestuosidad del Coliseo como la vida vibrante de las calles y plazas de la ciudad.

The answer leads us to the eternal and magnificent Rome, the “Eternal City”. Rome is not only the political capital of Italy; it is an open-air museum, a living testimony of epochs that have defined Western civilization.

The Colosseum rises, imposing, reminding us of the times of gladiators and emperors. Meanwhile, the footsteps of millions of pilgrims and tourists echo in St. Peter’s Basilica, a symbol of faith and art that defies time.

But Rome is more than its iconic monuments. It is a city of charming neighborhoods, where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the sound of water from its ancient fountains invite you to lose your way and find wonders around every corner. It is a city where gastronomy is an art form and each dish tells you the story of the land and its people.

So, when you think of Italy’s capital, remember that Rome is a living narrative, a dialogue between past and present, a place where history, art and life intertwine in an eternal dance.

What is the capital of Argentina?

the image that captures the passion and vibrant spirit of Buenos Aires, showing the intensity of tango and the emblematic presence of the Obelisk in the background.

The answer leads us to vibrant and seductive Buenos Aires, the “Queen of the Plata”. Buenos Aires is not only the political and cultural capital of Argentina; it is a stage where life is lived with intensity, a canvas where the colors of a rich and diverse culture are painted.

Tango, that dance that tells stories of love and heartbreak, has its home in the streets of Buenos Aires. It is in neighborhoods like San Telmo and La Boca where tango is breathed and felt, inviting locals and visitors to be part of its eternal melody.

But Buenos Aires is more than tango. It is a city of wide avenues and imposing architecture, where the echo of history blends with the pulse of modern life. Avenida 9 de Julio, with its iconic Obelisk, is a symbol of pride and encounter, while the Palermo neighborhood offers green oases and a vibrant gastronomic and cultural scene.

So, when you think of Argentina’s capital, remember that Buenos Aires is a celebration of life, a place where every corner, every café and every tango tells the story of a country that passionately embraces each new day.


And so, dear friends and fellow travelers, we have come to the end of this fascinating tour of some of the world’s most iconic and enchanting capitals. From the modernity and tradition intertwined in the streets of Tokyo to the vibrant passion of Buenos Aires, each city we have explored is a universe unto itself, a testament to history, culture and the human spirit.

We have strolled through streets that echo with the echoes of history, admired architecture that defies time and savored gastronomies that are a feast for the soul. Each capital city we visited has offered us a window into a different world, a piece of the puzzle that makes up our beautiful and complex planet.

I hope that this journey through words has awakened in you curiosity, wonder and, above all, a thirst for exploration. Because every city, every street and every person we meet on our way is a story waiting to be discovered, an adventure waiting to be lived.

So, although this blog comes to an end, the journey does not end here. Life is full of countless destinations waiting for us, and each one is an opportunity to learn, to grow and to connect. Let’s continue to explore, dream and discover, because in every corner of this world there is something wonderful waiting to be found.

Until the next adventure, dear world travelers!