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The GAB moves to 5333 St-Laurent

Well, I CAN FINALLY announce it to you, THE GAB MOVES !!!

I’ll tell you about it …

In November, it is made a tradition, I move away. Sorry, but I abandon you every year. :-)In short, this time I was in Mexico City, a late discovery in my career as a traveler, but what an incredible city. In any case, each time I find myself traveling, it’s my time to reflect on life, and worse, my next move.

You will remember that my goal has always been to make room for living and working, something I have spent the last two years doing, but life being what it is, I have done it in two places.

Soooooo, there was a time when I was going to have to make a move towards my good ol dream which was a commercial triplex so well illustrated by Lou Lubie here:


Maybe there is something better

After talking, thinking, analyzing, while walking on Amsterdam av. head in the clouds (if you know what I mean), peacefully, I came to the conclusion that a commercial triplex, it significantly increased the level of difficulty.

You have to find an empty commercial triplex. Already not easy.

Must succeed in getting loan from the bank. Pffff. In any case.

Why not rent a commercial space instead and do it on one floor. A kind of one-stop GAB. It would be easier because there are plenty to rent everywhere … ON THE EARTH !!!

Aranza drew this for me so that I can see if it looks good, and I don’t know about you, but I think it looks great !!!


So I put my commercial condo for sale, and PIF PAF CRAC, 4 days, a visit, an offer, accepted. Thank you, good night.

AHHHHHHHHHH, I have to move now.

After going around Montreal 10 times, after having taken 95 telephone numbers of premises for rent, only 15 were interested in receiving my presentation, and after having sent my presentation to 15 people, there was only one interested owner .

I visited his first place, but it was too big, too expensive, too fast. He reminds me by telling me that there is another one who could do the trick. So, well ….


So I just had the keys, so I can tell you for real … The GAB is moving to 5333 St-Laurent. I must highlight the beautiful work of the girls from Espace L who were there before and who did something already very nice.

The internet arrives Monday, Tuesday, we reopen.


To buy a subscription for $ 75 per month, or a day for $ 12, you can do it here:



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