One day in GAB coworking


Sold By: GAB


Daily pass $12

A coffee to work, to create. Let’s take the first sip of coffee and let’s get productive.

We created GAB cafe with the vision of a chill space, where people like you, can get the vibe of a cafe but with a little twist.

What make our place productive? Well this is a place for people who, like us (like you potentially) like to go to work in cafes, but in here at GAB there is no rush to consume ANYTHING, actually you are allowed to bring your own lunch, snacks or drinks. We provide you all kitchen supplies, fridge and microwave. Also a printer and a scanner.

Do you want to have your business address on Saint-Laurent? We can get your packages and mail and keep it safe for you!

Note: We recently move our Coworking cafe to Saint-Laurent 5333, our pictures are not updated but it will be soon.


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