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What tools do you use to manage your team?

March 25th, 2020

Q: What tools do you use to manage your team?

There’s a few tools that I use. YouTube live is one of them, of course. I start to go live then it appears on my channel and my staff can go ahead and click the link I share to them. Then, we have a private chat where they can ask me specific questions. 

There’s a delay they in the YouTube chat to receive the questions. Instead, we use Telegram as I can receive them [questions] right away. I also have a Pixel 4 and the new recorder on it is awesome. It records the video but there’s an automatic live transcript that I can see [right now] and it transcribes my words into text after that. After all of that, I will just save the transcript and then it uploads into my Google Drive. Then, my staff can take the transcript and paste it in the description of the video. Then, after that we have a process for the video.

I’m not sure if I will want my live video to be available for everyone to see all the time because, sometimes, there’s just gonna be people that enters to deliver something and other times it’s just gonna be the coffee machine, for some reason, and the sound gets horrible or other technical problems.

So, what I will want is the video to be Unlisted, so, we go to the channel, we unlist it so it’s still available if you have the link but, really, who is gonna listen to an hour-long video with some technical problems? But, what I asked my staff to do is to take notes while we record the video. They have their questions to ask me but, also, they can say like ‘hey! I like that part of the video from this morning! That was pretty cool from minute 2:30 to minute 5. Then, you talked about some tricks and that you have a process for a recording a video; that was pretty cool! So I think that should be a clip,’ so then, they will go and create a clip out of the video.

Marketing content will come out from my thoughts and ideas, embedded in videos.

How do we do that? Well, first of all, we have [right now], I have another camera running. It’s a GoPro that will give a better image after we’re done recording the live video. So, we go into YouTube, we download the YouTube live video (which has the good audio because it has my microphone connected to it) and then we will connect all the videos that we started.

Right now, I have just a GoPro recording from there, and then we upload all the material into WeVideo. After that, we can sync the video together and create a small clip with two cameras or, down the road, my setup will be more professional – like two or three cameras – and then create a real clip of the answer to the question. Then, we have a transcript from the Pixel 4. We have a more professional clip with good audio and better cameras and that will be clips that we upload to YouTube and then we’ll do the same thing and put them on the website. So, basically, that’s a manual. So, do you have a question? Yeah? Type it on my website, maybe I answered it already; if I haven’t, well, then just ask me the question, however, we will then create a clip out of the answer and it will be there for the next time somebody, on my staff, or anywhere else, has the same question.

The transcript is there for people like me who prefer to read than watching a video

Well, I listen to videos but, to be honest, I prefer reading most of the time because I have my music in my ears. So, the transcript is there. You have the question as the title. ‘What’s your process to manage a remote team?’ I am answering that question [right now]. There will be a video and there will be a transcript of what I’m saying [right now]. That will be good content creation for people who search for answers to their questions. So, for example, ‘how can you manage a good remote team?’ And then boom! Sometimes, somewhere, I will pop on the top page as an answer. It will be like: ‘Oh! Okay there is that guy!’ *Click* ‘Oh! There’s the transcript or the video.’ ‘Well I’m a video guy’ *Click* and then I will be there answering your question with hopefully a better camera setup, better lighting, better everything but hey if it’s just like that it’s still good enough and then I will tell my process and everything. 

People will be able to interact with me in the comments section either on YouTube or on the website. We have a comment section for that. We will also put a link to all the places where they can follow me or write to me. So, they can write to me on the Facebook chat in our webpage. 

They can follow me on Twitter or hit me up there. We have my email and a phone number as well. We have everything. Because, what I’m trying to do is, I’m a business; I’m trying to sell my products here. So, driving traffic to my webpage will be a way from me to kind of freely get people interested in my business and hopefully one out of ten people will buy something on it, so that’s basically my process to manage my remote team and do the content creation at the same time.



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