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How do you manage a remote team?

March 25th, 2020

Q: How do you manage a Remote Team

So, the question was: how can you manage a remote team of people? I mean, there is people in Montreal and then there is people in Colombia and other places so, how can you manage a remote team? Actually, I have a small remote team., and its not like I’m a super big company but I worked in a few places and I’m gonna tell you my trick to manage the remote company that I built and if you guys think it’s a good idea, well, you can tell me in the comments section or the chat or whatever. And if you have ideas for me to improve my thing , well, then I’m really welcomed to know them because I’m always up for improvement. 

So basically what I do is I do a little YouTube live video every morning. On those videos, there is people, like random people, but there’s also my staff that is listening and they have questions for me, like anybody else, and they can ask them in the chat or directly to me if they want and that is a way for me to answer those questions. 

The thing about the YouTube Live is, well, first of all it creates a log of the answers that I give so what it basically does is: it creates a way for us to store the information that is in my head so, let’s say they ask me like ‘hey, what process will we use to ask you questions?’

YouTube is your friend

I would answer like ‘oh! You note your questions and I will answer them every day on my YouTube channel’. Then, let’s say a second person comes six months after and he’s like ‘Can I ask you questions? and, what’s the way to answer questions?’ And i’m like ‘Yes! You can ask me questions, any questions but, have you listened to the other videos that I did? Because if not, go listen to them; there’s a lot of answers there’ and if I haven’t spoken about it or you need clarification or you need me to go more in-depth about those things, well, it will be my pleasure to answer the question again. 

My goal is that maybe in 10 years, I will have answered every question available and then I can answer more complex questions. That’s basically the skeleton of the process that I created to manage the thing.



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