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How do you follow up on tasks?

March 25th, 2020

Q: How do you follow up on tasks?

Well, to follow up on tasks we use Trello. In Trello, we have a board and we use the Kanban Method. So, what we have is a process in whichthe first column is To Do then you have Doing, Done, Won’t Do and then every column is a month, so January 2020, February 2020, etc. And then we add up all the tasks. 

So, when I want to add a task, I take out my phone, open telegram, and send them over an audio clip that says like ‘oh! We have a task to do, add it to the column X.’ Then, between all of us, we calculate the Value Added to the thing and establish the resources needed. We then, put it up or down in the To Do, which acts as our backlog, then we do the task and then we move them to the Done column. That is the main goal.

In To Do we have this long-ass list [of tasks] that we need to do. Yet, sometimes, we need to reprioritize it because some things cannot be done. So, if we point them in Won’t Do, Won’t Do, Won’t Do but then, this [specific task] is really important, we must do it. 

Once started, we take the task and remove it from To Do. So, in Doing we have four or five tasks that we’re working on [right now] and when we move it to Done we have a little brain celebration and at the end of the month I just change the name of the Done column to, let’s say, March 2020 and then I move it at the end so I can see what we did in January, in February, in March, etc.

Now I create a new column. It’s called Done. It’s empty and we start April. So, that’s the way that I prioritize tasks for the remote team and the tools that we use. 



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