24 Heures – 22/02/2018
« There are more and more co-working spaces are offered in Montreal, at the same time as the rapid growth of the self-employed »
CBC – 15/10/2017
« For years, Gabriel Dancause, a 36-year-old freelance computer programmer, made a pretty good living without changing out of his pajamas. »
The Guardian – 16/11/2016
« Alongside restaurants, chic coffee shops have become emblematic of Montreal’ space of change. »
Journal Métro – 8/09/2016
« In the heart of Mile -End, GAB is designed to accommodate freelancers with a lack of motivation & little broken. […] GAB offers its own a suitable environment with clean & pure atmosphere. »
TVA Nouvelles – 8/09/2016
« There are increasingly more places of collaboration or collaboration spaces around the province. Sometimes they are found in cafes or restaurants where workers can rent a closed or open space. »
La Presse – 16/04/2016
« Working in a café is not always easy: small spaces, uncomfortable chairs, the eternal battle for finding an plug, not to mention that some cafes who have the freelancers “trapped” or how hard it is to concentrate on a noisy environment. GAB, “the first coffee shop where you work in Montreal”, wants to respond to these problems.
Journal de Montréal – 28/03/2016
« We went to look for those who were rejected in the other cafes »
Les Affaires – 21/03/2016
« These Montreal cafes that reinvent the workspace »
Le Parisien – 18/03/2016
« Gab Coffee is clearly aimed to the freelancers clients in a retro loft style. »
Yahoo – 18/03/2016
« Across town in a bustling high-tech neighborhood where a number of video game makers have offices, the GAB cafe also offers entrepreneurs a table, Internet access and the use of a printer. »
TVA Nouvelles – 18/03/2016
« Sitting on a sofa with the computer over your knees or installed comfortably at a table; customers go to the cafes, where the principle is: to pay the time spent instead of what consumed; a new genre that it is very appreciated by the entrepeneurs. »
CBC – 5/03/2016
« GAB opened four months ago in Montreal’s Mile End neighbourhood, aiming to provide a “more flexible and dynamic than a collaborative space and more convenient and professional than a coffee shop”. »
Journal de Montréal – 5/02/2016
« Are you a student, a self-employed person … are you looking for a nice & relaxed place, this new cafe is made for you. »
Radio-Canada – 29/01/2016
« Cozy coffee »
Nightlife – 21/01/2016
« The house distracts, the library is too quiet and in the cafés it is clearly impossible. Really? I’m not sure about the last point, with the wonderful discovery of GAB. »
HuffPost Québec – 20/01/2016
« A coffee totally designed to help the self-employed workers, as well as the students; without the inconvenience of a typical cafe & the high costs often associated with collaboration space. »