Coworking and Coliving

(and the best latte for miles around)


The first coworking café … of the universe

The GAB café is a coworking café (coffice). Customers pay a subscription of $ 75 / month. Hot drinks, pastries and sandwiches are offered, but guests are not obliged to consume to enjoy the space. A fridge and microwave are provided. The concept aims to meet the demand of self-employed workers, students or free employees who wish to work outside their home. This is a more flexible option in opposition to large collaborative spaces.

The first house for freelance workers


Our house (your potential home) is a place for traveller workers, for people in transition, for those nomadic souls who live in the sedentary era looking for a foot-on-earth or who like to feel at home, everywhere, all the time.


Our story

“Let me ask you a question. For fun, describe me your dream place where you would like to work. What would that be? “

In the summer of 2014, Phil and I were working on my sailboat in the Old Port of Montreal. The team was expected to grow in the next weeks and, since there was really no room for Vince (who has been “tele”working since the beginning), it was necessary to start renting a space to gather the team. We visited two-three places. Bad. Not “Live the dream”.

A little perplexed from our visits, we went to the bar for drinks…

– Well, not great eh?!

– No, not great

– Ok, but let me ask you a question. For fun, describe me your dream place where you would like to work. What would it be?

– We’re going to need more beers …

And we drank. And we laughed. And we made a list of cool things we’d like to have in our live-the-dream office. (This list will be censored here for dwarves and penises jokes abuse)

The next day, we knew we were holding something interesting: the basic premise is that the best place to work is a coffee. Easy concentration. Cool atmosphere. Access to outside at three steps. The benefits are many. So, we started a new concept: a coffee / office-collaborative. A bit like you could rent a work space at Starbucks.

Summer 2015, we opened.

Programmers, Graphic Designers, WordPress Specialists, Financing Research Specialist, Hipster, Photographers, Dancers, Artists, Community Managers, Agents, Teachers, Researchers, Students, and Lots of others come to live with us in a cool-rock atmosphere.

Then, always in action to offer the best to our members and make their lives even more beautiful, we grew up. In addition to a space to work, we wanted to offer them accommodation and assistance.

This is where, in the summer of 2017, the GAB Maison was opened.

So we welcome you to our home, hoping you’ll find your happiness.



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