Hi ! I am Gab

I like traveling, new encounters, beer and chill nights, I also like to develop new projects. Faque … I created the first coffee shop to work and the first cohabitation house in Montreal, the GAB café and the GAB maison.

I also give personalized advice to help you organize your trips and answer all your questions!

GAB Café

Do you know the concept? No ? Well, here it’s a coffee to work. Faque …

This is a place for people who like to work in cafes but do not feel welcome with our computers.

Here at “GAB Café” there is no obligation of consumption. In addition, you can bring your lunch, there is a fridge and a microwave. There is a printer, scanner, lockers and a warm, quiet and pleasant atmosphere to work.

GAB Maison

This is the principle:

Our house (your potential house) is a space of cohabitation which is aimed at the working-travelers, the people in transition, these nomadic souls who live in the sedentary era in search of a foot or who like to feel at home, everywhere, all the time.

Living in big gangs and sharing your room is fun, but you can also choose to sleep in a private room.

And here is the sketch of my future project!

The goal is to bring together the café and the house in the same building so that it is more
convenient and user-friendly.


“Let me ask you a question. For fun, describe me your dream place where you would like to work. What would there be?

“In summer 2014, Phil and I work on my boat in the Old Port of Montreal. The team was expected to grow in the weeks that followed and, already that there was really no room for Vince who has been teleworking since the beginning, it was necessary to start renting a space to meet the team. . We visited two-three places. Bad. Not “Live the dream”. Faque … […]