GAB travels assist !

Passionate about traveling and Road Trip for more than 15 years, I have visited more than 45 countries around the world!

I like the discovery of cultures, people that alone where with my gang. Faque I know mass about travel.

Since the time I travel, I am pretty bombarded with questions about my email, my Facebook and Messenger to understand that travel advice is a need that is pretty much shared by quite a lot of people.

When I went to Nepal and Thailand, I was really lost and needed advice not to lose myself and I was lucky to have friends to advise me.

It’s a bit like that that gave me the idea of ​​doing a virtual concierge to help travelers. So the way I imagined it is simply by clicking on the button “Chat me”, you arrive on Messenger and you talk to me directly.

You can tell me your itinerary, what you want to do, what month of the year you are leaving, and how long, and how long, I will advise you to the best of my knowledge. I have not traveled all over the world but the stuff I have accumulated is not bad everywhere! Also, I have a good community of traveling friends so they can help me give you personalized advice.

In the background I imagine that $ 5 a month and worse with that we will be able to chat together, you ask me all your questions and it will be a pleasure to answer you!

Here is a list of things you could ask me for example:

  • Gab, which airline do you recommend to make such a trip?
  • How far in advance should I book my airline ticket and hotels? What applications do you use?
  • Do you have ideas for things to do in Bali?
  • I have a small budget and I would like to leave for a week, could you help me out?
  • Can you help me organize my entire trip and book my hotels?
  • Gab? Can you guide me in my steps to enter this territory for 3 months?
  • Can you plan a cool itinerary for this destination?
  • And many others !

I am with you wherever you are!

No matter where you come from and where you are, you can get in touch directly with me with Messenger. So I will answer all your questions in real time, and I could even help you make reservations at the same time!

Complete and diverse services!

My own experience allows me to give you the best addresses and business I know, and to secure your trip. 15 years of travel, it makes memories! Faque do not hesitate to ask all the questions that go through your head!

A monthly subscription more than advantageous!

For $ 5 a month, I am at your disposal as a travel consultant! And in addition, you can subscribe directly online!

An unforgettable experience !

You must be aware, a trip will bring you only great experiences so it’s time to start and go on an adventure! Let’s have a laugh, let’s go!