GAB Maison

The space of cohabitation. For the nomadic souls of the sedentary era.

I was still a child when I first traveled to China and in a crazy trip around Europe later, I immediately stumbled across the shelters. The meetings around the fire we used to have were magical. Chatting in any language comparing our strange customs around a table before going out to discover the country together… Anyway, that’s what life was like.

After that, I went back to my normal life here, and although I liked my life, with my fellas and all that, I missed meeting people. I thought: here, my short-term personal goal will be to work from a computer & with Internet, that will be the best way to live while I travel. So with that good base, I traveled as the best working hard on a lot of projects as a programmer & systems administrator.

But, on a trip, I wanted to be with my fellas. And when I came back, I missed the opportunity to meet people. There was nowhere that allowed me to do both, to live here systematically meeting new people.
Well… you know my passion for start new projects, there was something missing in my life and potentially others who were in the same situation as me. The concept was quite simple: live here, like in a youth hostel, in a room in a stylish city, and meet people, make friends, drink beer and be happy. Not that bad, no?

Yeah well, it wasn’t appreciated that way. When I went to explain it to the bank, that I was going to move the coffee to the first floor of a commercial triplex and create the happiness hostel upstairs, I could see his little smile in the corner of his mouth wishing to say yes-sure-good-attempt-child-but-forget-it-inmediatly. Bff, I’m going to another bank…. rejection… another… rejection… another… rejection… another… rejection. Okay, no commercial triplex in this case, I’ll buy a house somewhere not over the cafeteria and I’ll show you that it works, then I’ll be able to ask you for money for my commercial triplex. Rejection… rejection… rejection… rejection… rejection. (One day we’ll have to fix our national cooperative, also known as Desjardins-for-investment-in-the-United-States-and-nothing-in-our-entrepreneurs, but that’s a topic for another moment). Rejections…. rejections. 16 rejections….16!!!!!!

But on my 17th attempt….miracle! A bank is willing to give me a bridge loan (only one year loan) with a package of conditions and a not very advantageous rate, but it was better than a “no”. Suddenly, all the conditions were met, I had a year to prove that it would work for me. Bing bang, notary, sunglasses, painting, bed, photos, learning, all kinds of words as well.

And now it’s been a year. And it works!!.

So, after this (also?) long intro, I present you: The GAB Maison.


To live in the GAB Maison, you have two choices:
– the shared room
– the private room

All this is rented on a monthly basis, for more than 30 days, so before you tear your shirt on the (very important) debate on short-term rental, you should know that we don’t do any. Anyway, to get back to my story….

I’ve never had a big family, I’ve never even seen one. 15 people in a house has not been seen since the 1960s in Quebec. Except during the ice storm.

But since we finished the renovations and all the rooms are open, I can tell you, living with a big crowd in the same place is fucking fun. When everyone is around the table at night, it’s an atmosphere!

Our home (your potential home) is a place for traveller workers, people in transition, nomadic souls who live in the sedentary era looking for a food-on-earth or who like to feel at home, everywhere, all the time.

The first floor includes a kitchen opening onto a dining room, a bathroom, a dormitory with 4 beds, and a large garden.

The second floor includes a chilling area with a participative library, a 4-bed dormitory, a 6-bed dormitory, a private room, a bathroom, and a balcony.

The monthly subscription to the GAB Maison is $450 and includes a bed in the dormitory, electricity, Wi-Fi, furniture and equipment, toilet paper, dishwashing liquid, soap, housekeeping, and an GAB cafe membership.