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In life, there are two things that make me particularly happy: spoil me start a project.

That’s not true, in fact, there are 1000 things that make me happy, but hey, let’s simplify it a bit. Two cases. Soooooo, let’s start at the beginning……

Spoil me

I spoiled myself a few months ago. As never before. Oh boyyyyy!!!!!

Since I was old enough to want something more than a Sega and a Wonderboy, I’ve always wanted a tank that is electric, silent, self-operating and flying. (Back to the Future someone?)

Well, I don’t know if you’re like me, but I’ve followed Tesla’s development with a lot of hope. Finally, a worthy hugh car that is 10 times better than what has been done for…50 years. No, but it’s about time. For example, what were they waiting for to put a navigation tablet in your vehicle instead of a small pocket screen? In any case…..

Anyway, when I saw the Tesla X coming out, I couldn’t remember how crazy I got. An electric all-terrain automobile that can only be driven with the doors open. (Back to the Future someone?)

It was only a matter of time that, before I made a big mistake, I went to look for one. Something I did a few months ago. When I left the dealership, I was very nervous about being hit, like a father leaving the hospital with his new baby, (I guess, haha.)

I did the tour with my friends….. “LOOK AT MY NEW TOY! »

Really, it’s a stupid tank. My parents were clinging when they saw the way the doors opened but they found it special when the tank turned only on the road. 🙂

Anyway let’s just say, you know, my road trips over the last few months have been wonderfully cooler than before, and I’ve had a great time.

But spoil me is not the only thing in my life. I like it too……

Start a project

Well, at worst, it will never happen & you can laugh at me for 20 years (my friends still deny me some of the projects I had at my twenties).

A new business model

Most cars are used by their owners between 5% & 10% of the day. The rest of the time, it spends in the street or in a garage. It’s not me who says it, it’s Elon Musk in his excellent Master Plan for the next 10 years. Therefore, their plan is to allow Tesla owners to see that your vehicle is used for a ride while you are not using it. Not a bad idea.

But personally, I’m not completely satisfied. Let me explain something to you.

Blockbuster vs Netflix

Before, we used to rent Back to the Future at the video store and we had to bring the remote tape back the next day, on time. It was fine for a while, but at some point, you know, Internet.

It was written in the sky that we weren’t going to keep going back and forth to watch the movies, so some home movie rental services appeared. The success was mixed.

Until Netflix comes up with a new business model: a fixed amount per month that is then consumed at will. The success was (is) total.

The reason is because it’s better & more fun not to feel like you’re still paying. Paying once a month is wonderful. Paying each time destroys you.

So my question is this: why doesn’t it apply to taxis?

The taxi still works like Blockbuster: you pay for it every time you use it. That’s not what I want! I want a fixed amount per month. I want the Netflix from the taxi.

It is therefore, after this (once again) long introduction, that I present to you my new project.

$95 a month and we’ll give you as many trips as you want.

GAB car

Let me explain in more detail.


It’s cheap, $95 hahhh!? How can that be possible?

Well, although it is subject to change, it might be possible to walk around the world at that price through the magic of sharing the journey. (After starting a co-working & a co-living, it is not surprising that I decide to carpool). Moreover, sharing a taxi is like sharing your desk, it’s fun, it’s friendly, it’s a good opportunity to meet people and learn interesting things. And if you don’t want to talk, you use the international “I don’t want to talk” signal: you connect your headphones.

In fact, it’s unbelievable how many rides you can make by sharing your car among several people. Again, it’s not me who says it, it’s a beautiful mathematical study that I recently found and quote.

A mathematical study shows exactly how carpooling could reduce the number of cars on the road.

We already know that carpooling has the potential to drastically reduce the number of cars on the road. But it turns out that the impact could be much greater than anyone has estimated before.

A new study by researchers from Cornell University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology showed that carpooling – Uber and Lyft or a traditional taxi – could meet demand with only 15% of New York’s current taxi fleet.

The study, called “high-capacity carpooling on-demand through dynamic vehicle allocation”, […] revealed that 2,000 vehicles with a capacity of 10 people could meet 98% of travel demand. With this model comes an average waiting time of 2.8 minutes and an average travel delay of 3.5 minutes. Two thousand vehicles represent only 15% of New York’s current taxi fleet.

The reduction of this capacity from 10 to 4 brings the number of vehicles to 3,000.

A carpooling model, like this one, would work particularly well with autonomous vehicles, the authors conclude.


2000-3000 vehicles for 98% of all trips? 15% of New York’s taxi fleet!? It’s still amazing. 

That’s why I think it’s possible to move an incredible number of people in Montreal (in the central districts), for an affordable price, in a carpool, with a minimum waiting time (3 minutes on average according to this study). One day, the car will be able to drive by itself, which will make the price even lower.

Socio-financing campaign

Well, wonderful. Let’s go for it, am I ready to start this project? No, not at all!!!!!!!! We’re not going to be able to raise the best in the world with just one car (mine), even if it has 6 seats.

By the way, since I don’t want to be the kind of guy who collects payments while enjoying-Tesla, I decided to put it on sale this morning. If you haven’t been in a Tesla, I won’t have trips in Tesla either.

We need a technological solution; an iPhone app and an Android app that looks like UBER, but instead of going directly to it, the path will be as follows

In addition, it will take incredible intelligence to allocate the rounds effectively. But at that point, I’m lucky, most of the work was done by the study mentioned above. Here you can see the assignment intelligence of a trip.

We’re also going to need careful and nice drivers as well as a fleet of cars. (You never know, it could potentially interest one of the taxi companies already in operation to form a partnership, we’ll see).

But first of all, I need to know if this is something you’d like to pay, $95/month to be driven all over the island of Montreal. So let’s start with the base: the members.

Is that something you might be interested in?

The deal

So this is what I propose. A socio-financing campaign to raise the first month of your GAB car subscription. The capital will allow me to move the project forward. So, it is a payment of your first month.

Minimum 500 members

If one day we reach 500 members, we’ll have a real project. With this number of members, we could have several cars on the road and start the project. Deep down, it would be too difficult and the area to cover would be too large.

Fully reimbursable within 2 years

If we never reach 500 members or if for some reason (type xyz), we are not successful in doing the project, I will credit the amount to your credit card within 2 years and hope there are no hard feelings. It’s quite possible that everyone (except me) thinks it’s a bad idea, in which case, those who have paid will be refunded in full.

Two options are available

The first option is if you are on the island of Montreal, in which case, I would be in the covered area at the beginning of the project. So you can pay your first month immediately for $95 a month

The second option is if you are outside the island of Montreal, but still want to support the project, you can make a donation non-refundable of $15 that will help us move the project forward.


It is also possible to make an interactive transfer or pay by Paypal, if you are interested, just write me by email to or send me a text message at 514-887-1868 and I will send you the Paypal address or link. Feel free to ask your questions and comments, I will be able to answer them. Photos: Marion Brunel and Sébastien Lemyre.

As always and more than ever, love!



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