GAB Café

The first coffee to work. All over the universe.


You know the concept? No? Well, this is a coffee shop for work. So…

It is a place for people who, like us (like you potentially), like to go to work in cafés. But when we go there, we don’t feel particularly welcome with our computer and our books taking up as 2-3 places. Besides, there is a kind of relationship in which I-drink-coffee-every-hour-and-a-half, even though if I’m hungrier, even though if I’m thirstier. Anyway, it’s a strange and tacit relationship.


When we started the concept, we thought, we’re going to standardize it. Here, there is no obligation to consume. It’s more, you can bring your lunch, there is a fridge and a microwave oven. Also, a printer and a scanner. As well as lockers if you want to have your business address in Saint-Laurent and be able to receive packages.



Our Packs

Working day
Monthly subscription
unlimited workspace