FAQ – Travels

How long do you take in advance to plan a trip?

For travel, it has evolved the last 10 years, it was done 1 month in advance for the return ticket. Now I treat it like a bus, I take it at the last minute, and if it’s too expensive I go elsewhere outright, but most of the time it’s really cheap at the last minute. But for me it’s really not worth buying a lot in advance because I have a pretty loose schedule. Even if I look in Google Flight because you can see your home town and you can choose a whole territory like Europe or America. And you see the cheapest city near where I want to go. I am planning 1-2-3 days before leaving. And then I take the train to my destination.

It is at the return that the system is less good. The ticket go I have a crazy deal but in return, when I have no choice to return the deal is less crazy.

Do you often travel alone or accompanied?

Half half. I like traveling in a group but it’s hard to organize a group trip. I like to participate in group trips but I do not know how to organize them. The best way to work is to travel alone. Because when we are in our hometown we are always with friends, work, there are always disturbances. It’s cool for the business but to organize priorities, it’s good to be alone for a few days.

What are your criteria when you select the city you want to go to?

Before I wanted to see all possible capitals, I mark them in a small notebook and I bar them when I visited them. Now, I am less interested in the visit than in the experimentation of the city. I prefer to stay in a city that has good culture, good food, people and interesting language. I am really a city guy more than campaign faque I aim for a big city and I chose the districts that correspond to me the most, kind young, student, artistic. It’s always easy to find online.

How do you find out about the compulsory administrative papers for each country you visit? And the medical standards of each country?

For the obligations: visa, security, etc … This is the site of the Government of Canada.

https://travel.gc.ca/ and you select your country, it tells you the visa, the areas to avoid. And the same goes for health. It is a good source to know the basics. And also I have friends travelers to whom I can ask for advice, places, cheap hotels. The government site also informs you about the vaccines to be done that are mandatory.

How do you predict your budget?

Personally, I have no budget. I have a theory, the longer you stay in a country and the more you make your ticket because here we live in a rich country and most of the countries I visit are poorer so every day in the country costs me cheaper to eat and visit than if I stay in Canada. So for me it does not cost so much to travel as I stay in the country for a long time.

With how much change do you go on a trip for your first needs? How do you pay on the spot?

I’m just leaving with my credit card, my debit card and my passport. Visa, Mastercard it works all over the world. I withdraw at the counter with my debit card. As soon as I can pay by credit card I do it because I can track my expenses. And the exchange rate they will charge is correct.

What are your means of internet communication abroad?

In Canada we pay the most expensive phone for the world, I think. Faque when I go to another country I buy an internet credit card, I put it in my phone. And I do not find it, most of the time I have Wi-Fi, and I’m doing my trip on Wi-Fi. I have my computer in my backpack and when I go to a coffee shop. use the internet from the corner.

How do you choose your hotels (geographically, price)? Do you have good plans?

I look on Google maps most of the time. I chose local neighborhoods close to the city center. I search on the internet the best neighborhoods and I select my apartment on AirBnB. Sometimes I choose a hostel because it’s cool to meet people. I am tired of sleeping in the dorms but when there are single rooms in the hostels I chose that. But when I book my flight, I book at least one night in a hotel, so when I arrive at the airport I know where I’m going. And I do the same for the last night, I choose near the airport.

Once there, what are your tools to know which places to visit?

Ben me I never look at the photos of the city to have the surprise when I arrive. I like that to discover the city on arrival. When I arrive I search on google my city and it puts me associated searches. And then quickly I can see the main places to visit, I do sometimes but not always. I also like to just walk around and have coffee.

How do you travel mainly on a trip?

Uber mainly. I’m coming, I’m calling an Uber and that’s it. Otherwise, electric scooters are coming more and more. It’s very cool for micro-mobility. Sometimes I rent a car but less and less as driving in the country is too different sometimes so it’s not worth it.

What are the best ways to meet people on a trip?

Youth hostels to meet travelers, acquaintances, and dating apps like Bumble, Tinder or Couchsurfing to meet local people. We leave our comfort zone. It’s the best thing I’ll say.

Your advice for traveling alone?

It depends, boy and girl it’s not the same game. I’m a guy, I’m big, big, I’m not safe. On the other hand, a single girl will depend on the country. Do not go anywhere and select your neighborhoods. After traveling alone, you’re never really alone more than a day or two. You always meet people. Couchsurfing is a good way to meet people, it’s free accommodation and it’s easier for girls.

What apps would you recommend for travelers?

For flights and hotel: Kayak, Google flight, Skyscanner, Priceline and Expressdeal that will give you a neighborhood of the city and stars for each accommodation.

To meet people: Tinder, Bumble.

To communicate: Facebook, WhatsApp.

What are your “indispensable” objects for traveling?

Passport, credit card and my backpack. Size “carry-on” and I put it in the cabin of the plane. I really take the strict minimum and buy what I need on site. I always find places to wash my clothes abroad for expensive.

How do you adapt to foreign languages?

The first word I learn is “How do you say” in the language of the country. For example in English it’s “How do you say …” and in Spanish it’s “Como s’dice …”. And I show what I mean in the language. And I learn vocabulary little by little and I can build my sentence.

Mistakes not to go on a trip?

To make mistakes is normal and it is desirable even. For example, if you are several, you always need to have a leader for a time to avoid that at each corner of the street we want to separate. The group becomes very quickly very dysfunctional. I have several others.