Why I think borders are stupid?

Well, hello everyone. My name is Gab and welcome to my podcast. So I was talking with my friend Luke the other day and I was mentioning him about like how stupid I think borders are, especially some borders. I was just making a quick point to say What if we had no borders and people could just go wherever they want? Because it’s kind of what we live in. People can still go wherever they want. Just make a quick comment and then move down. We edited a short with that. Turns out it’s the short that have the most comments so far. People are going crazy about this no border thing. And well, It seems to me like them a good topic and conversation to talk about borders. Okay, so let’s do like, what is a border, right? Let’s start with the beginning. Border is kind of a line that will divide two countries, okay? But there’s a bit of a problem right there. a country it doesn’t really exist you know like we we made that up right like you you have the earth and the earth is like a sphere and it’s like that’s it so that’s like where we live it’s the earth but then through history and then like the way that it evolved we were like very kind of like us and not them a little bit like we were able to to to gather in people that more or less speak the same language okay so if you speak the same blah blah as me you’re like one of mine and if they speak over there they speak another blah blah then it’s another group we can maybe trade with them but most probably we’re gonna fight with them okay and then The line that divides the different people who speak different language is then called the border. Then it’s just evolved for thousands of years through wars and deals and stuff that is really not that. People think it’s serious. But maybe a little historical context could help. How were those borders put there? Who decided that that’s the invisible line? All right. Take a few examples. So where I grew up, I grew up in Maryville, just outside Montreal. We’re about 30 minutes, 45 minutes away from the border between Canada and the United States. And the border in that region more or less was put there during a pseudo war okay it was 1812 so most of the borders they were created at that era napoleon and the french revolution and the years that followed were still with those borders okay 200 years ago perfect and what happened well in france and spain like many things happened but canada and the us like not a lot happened okay so It was kind of like Canada was kind of like England back then, more or less. So defended by soldiers and like from England. And then like French Canadians were just in farms trying to survive. And they didn’t really care about the borders. Okay. So then at some point the Americans, they were like, let’s send some war boats in Canada. uh like up the up the richelieu river richelieu okay all the way to the fleuve and then can turn right to quebec or left to montreal and then they cross the champlain lake and then when you arrive at the end of the lake there is a river richelieu and there is an island and there is a fort a fort lenox okay And there was like 10 guys defending the border against this huge warship that arrived from New York full of soldiers. And so the Americans were like, had better numbers, better guns, better everything. They started to shoot the cannons at the like 10 guys who were there like, what the fuck? So they just like took a canoe and crossed to the side. They were like, there’s no way we can defend the fort. Let’s take it. All right. So they took it. Then a second warship arrived. They see people in the fort. They’re Americans. But back then, they didn’t have a good communication system. So they started to shoot at them. So Americans shot at Americans, just took the fort. While the English soldier were like, I have a friend who have a chalet. They were like at St. Paul, just checking the show, eating popcorn. All right. Now the Americans arrives, shoot at the other Americans in the fort. And then at some point they all get tired out of munition. They just like leave the fort to regroup. The other leaves like the boat. They just leave. We need food. We’re out of something, whatever. And then the English that were waiting on the side of the river took back the fort. That’s it. That’s where the border is. All right. So let me ask you a question. Does that seem like a serious way to draw an invisible line between two countries? Is that something that needs to be respected and upheld at all costs? So it’s like, your opinion are valid. But my opinion is that it’s not very serious. It’s so stupid that now, 200 years later, we still have a line. And you can cross the line, but you need a special little book. Call the passport. We’re like, ah, I have the special book. Ah, you can cross the invisible line. The invisible line that was put there 200 years ago by a group of guys who shot at each other, made a mistake. Anyway, it’s a good line. All right. So that’s the line near I grew up. And then I could give you a 10,000 example, but I will take the worst. Africa. So… Africa was like after, let’s say, the English, the French, and the Spanish, they were like, let’s go to America and seize everything of value that we can find over there. They kind of all, more or less, for a while, were at peace with each other. Especially the French and the English. Back then, that was pretty special that they were not fighting for the first time in a thousand years. And then they were more like, what if we not fight each other and go to the rest of the world and take everything? And then they went to Africa. They went to Asia. In China, they just completely took over the entire district. They created cities in Shanghai and took over districts. And then they went to Africa. So then there was what? The Dutch were in South Africa. You had the Belgians in Congo. You had French everywhere. English were like taking the North. It was like just, they were just like everywhere taking over everything. And then at some point they were like, oh yeah, like, you know, they all fight each other because they don’t like each other because probably they had like some kind of like, borders not really drawn in any map back then. And so they decided to more or less divide the stuff. And a little like, let’s say I buy a land. Let’s say I buy a land, and we just decide to divide and give a little bit to each of my friends. Well, they just drew a bunch of lines. Ah, from here to here, that’s you. But daddy, I like this lake. Oh, OK. You can have the lake. Let’s carve this. Let’s make lines on a map. It must have been a cool weekend to draw those lines. And then turns out that they created things like completely on a map, but like on the ground, they were dividing like entire families, ethnical group. Like you had like the factory on one side of the borders, then the, like all the resources on the other side of the border, then it created a mess. Still to this day, still stuck with that mess. So let me ask you this, like, do you think that’s a good borders? Well drawn borders? Like, are they, could they be revisited? Maybe we’ll give you another example. Okay. So the English, like in the 1800s, they were like, let’s take over everything. That’s like where we have boats. Let’s go everywhere and take over everything. That’s it. That’s, that’s what we want. Everything. So then they went to India. They were like, ah, that’s good. Let’s take over this entire thing. Seems reasonable. You’ll have to. You can exist. You can still live, more or less. But you’ll have to pay us money, like a good old mafia. So they went there and took over. They couldn’t fight. It was like they have warships and guns and cannons and shit. In India, they had none of that. So they just took over the entire thing. Then at some point, there was a movement to say, maybe this is India and not the UK. We were a little far from England. And it doesn’t really make sense that it’s part of some kind of English empire. It doesn’t really make sense, right? We’re in India. There was this little guy with glasses called Gandhi who was like, yeah, I really think we’re in India. And then that was like, oh, what did he say? You’re not allowed to say that. We’re not in India. But then… After years and years of decades, the idea grew. People were like, hey, maybe we could take over back India and have it for ourselves. But then there was this movement in the Northwest where they were like, well, if it’s not the UK, then we’re not in India. No way. We want to be in Pakistan. We don’t want to be a minority in a Hindu country. We want to have our own country where we’ll be like, just like it will be ruled by, we have another religion. That’s it. We’re not the same country. And then it was like, oops, then decades of negotiation and stuff. And at the end they said like, fine, let’s do two countries then. But how are we going to draw the line? Well, how about we choose this guy? The guy with the books is like, what, me? No. Like, yeah, yeah, yeah, you’ll be the guy. We all agree it’s you. You will draw the line. And whatever line you draw, we’re going to abide by it. All right. Then the guy, poor guy, he’s just like, OK, I’ll go see. Then wherever he went, he was assaulted by people saying, don’t drive the line here. Drive somewhere else. I have farms. I have land. My grandmother, blah, blah, blah. So he ended up doing his job kind of alone in the room. Fuck it. I can’t go anywhere. I’ll do it here. What if I drive here? Maybe here? Hmm. And then at the end, it was kind of like, oh, like this. This is the line I decided to draw. All right. And then, like, it was revealed at some point, like, let’s say midnight at some time. And then, bam, this is the line. And then it was like, oh, shit. There was, like, huge mistakes in that line. Like, the factory was on that side all day, like, like the resources to make the factory run was on the other side some village were like divided into some villages where like hindu and islam um islam have been living for like thousands of years in peace suddenly erupted in the war And then the Hindu in Pakistan started to just gather their shit and leave and do like a, just walk to be in India. And then same, the people that wanted to live in Pakistan that were like on the wrong side of the border, they started to leave because then they were, anyway, people went crazy and started to kill everyone. And then there was these trains that would get hijacked because people were getting on the trains. And then the trains were getting hijacked by people who completely lose their shit and then killing everyone on the train. And then the train arrived on the other side. Everybody’s dead. Everybody’s dead. And then they’re all killing each other. Crazy stuff. Crazy. And then that border still exists today between India and Pakistan. The tensions still are there. So let me ask you this. Does it seem to you like a good drum border? Could we revisit the line? So that’s it for the historical context. I don’t have that many examples, but I’m sure if I dig a little bit, I will find like a thousand examples like that. So my big revolutionary idea, according to the people who comment on my stuff, is that what if we had no borders? What if we could just go wherever we want? I guess that’s the thing. We can still cross a border. It might come as a shock to many people, but it’s not because you put an invisible line that we can’t cross it. We can still cross it. Crossing it, like. what some people call the illegal ways, just to walk across. Because how are you going to protect an invisible line? It’s good luck. It’s not a real line. There’s no mountains there. There’s no oceans or something uncrossable that’s crossable. Most of them, it’s just like you just walk around, and then you’re on the other side, and nothing happens. So there’s that. But then the big thing is it’s illegal. But most of those people, they smoke weed and it’s illegal and they drive too fast. That’s illegal too. It’s like, you do something illegal, okay, fine. But then there’s the legal way, which is just show up and then show a bunch of documents. Like, all right, here’s document number one. Okay, I have my passport, my little thingy with my stamps. It’s my stamp collection. This is also part of my little pile of documents. And then at some point, like, they want more. OK, you give more. Like, you create a pile. Now, your pile of document to cross that border might be this thick because you come from there and you try to go there. So that’s the minimal amount of paper that you must show me. But there’s always, like, an acceptable amount of paper to show. And then you cross the border. Why? What is that achieving for anyone really? Aren’t we just like losing time and resources? Can’t you just like let people go and then like people will go wherever they want and then maybe we can redraw new borders maybe from time to time? been 200 years since napoleon and the wars and the stuff like can’t we revisit some of them but when you revisit them people go crazy because like i’m on the wrong side it’s so and that’s it that’s my old editorial stuff on borders look i am a traveler i cross borders across borders so many times and then every time i like this is so stupid it’s like you can go there but before you have to talk to the police but they’re not called police they’re called like custom agent it’s like a police but different like it’s not really police custom agent but same they can can do whatever they want. They can sit you in a room for two days, whatever. They can ask you questions, give me your phone, whatever. Like the police. And then sometimes you cannot cross the invisible line. I don’t think it happened to me, but it happened to people I know. Sometimes it’s just, no, you didn’t say the proper thing. You said something I didn’t like. No, go back. I don’t let you cross the line. 100% of the time that I know like that people go back and then they were like, oh shit. I said something I shouldn’t have said Let’s go back to fancy that Take a flight again Try to cross the line at time it works because they did say the property They say the proper thing. It’s the second time So in a nutshell guys, this is why I think borders are stupid now. I know that I don’t have a super Like most people, they love borders. They love them. They love the line. And this line was drawn by Napoleon in 1812. And that’s perfect. It must be upheld at all costs. That’s a 200-year-old line. Let’s hope it lasts for 2000. And I know you guys love maybe border control. I don’t know. And then there are places where there’s real borders problems. like let’s say Mexico and the U.S., it seems to me like a fairly dangerous place. And I don’t think I have all the answers to that. I just think they’re stupid. I just think you could lift all of them, but nothing would happen, really. People would move for like 10 years, and then they would resettle in new locations on Earth. But most of them would just stay where they are. So I think nothing really would happen, okay? But I know that’s not a very popular opinion. So feel free to disagree with me. I will try to answer everyone in the comments, okay? But feel free to disagree with me. It’s just like I will ask for one thing. It’s just like when you assume that everything will go to shit, Don’t confuse by that you know that everything will go to shit, right? Because you don’t really have data. Because it’s never been done. But that’s a small special request. And that’s it. I’m going to take a few questions now from the web that talks about borders. And that’s it. Let’s see what the internet… asks about borders.

Do you know countries that have open borders?

So,in europe they have the schengen space and the european union it’s complicated but let’s say europe let’s make it simple europe they had the borders and then they said let’s get together and remove the borders that we have between us and let’s just create a bigger border outside okay so what really happens is like let’s say you go from France Germany there is no borders you just walk right through you can see often like old buildings and stuff like the borders are there and they could theoretically be put back I guess but there’s no one there it’s there’s really no one and you just walk across a border it’s a pretty special experience it’s a little bit weird but it’s when you arrive in Europe let’s say by flight a hundred percent of the time that I went to Europe it was by flight you cross the border at the airport and wherever you are that stamp is valid for all the countries okay so they Are they open borders? Well, not really, in the sense that instead of crossing the border like 10 times, you just cross it one time. But it’s just a bigger border. But I’ve never been to a place where you can just arrive. But I guess Europe would be the closest I know to open borders.

What was East Germany’s biggest problem after it opened its borders?

And the answer is East Germany’s biggest problems after it opened its borders was the loss of a large numbers of skilled worker, which led to economic difficulties and a collapse of social systems. So when it became clear that East and West Germany, if the people could travel, then the people, the skilled workers like doctors and everything, they were getting to the other side to make more money. And for a while, I agree that let’s say you open borders, it Like it frees some people to do whatever they want. So they go somewhere else when back then maybe they couldn’t. Right. So you have more freedom. Then it leads to some place seeing a degradation and stuff like this. No more doctors. Is it a problem? Yes. Is it fixed by now? Because that was 1990. And I agree that if you open the borders, there will be a 10 year period. But let’s say you go to East Germany now. It’s quite all right. It was fixed after a while.

Which country borders the most nations?

And the answer is China and Russia, so they have like an incredible number of borders. It’s like Russia. The border is so big. It’s insane. It goes all the way from like Mongolia, China, like South Korea, all the way to like Finland and like Ukraine. And that’s like, that’s another subject in itself. When people want to move the border because some grandiose man is there sitting in an office like, I must go down in history as the border mover. And people go to war and throw shit at each other. So yeah, China and Russia. It’s a good thing that China doesn’t want to expand its border for now.

Why do borders often create more problems than they solve?

Good question. You restrict, you create a restriction on the earth. It’s just like, you cannot cross that forest anymore unless you have a pile of paper. The thing is, we can always gather the damn pile of paper to cross the border. It’s just like, you lose the time for the people who want to cross to gather the pile of paper. It’s very long, like some doctor. It’s always like, it’s doable. And then you have to pay people to analyze that damn pile of paper. What for? What’s the goal? They’re still going to cross. So it’s just a huge loss of time and resources to me.

How do borders contribute to inequality among nations?

But that’s the thing okay so i’ll give you another example way back when the english and the french but mainly the english who were drawing maps they liked to draw maps they were map enthusiasts and then the americans came in and they were like we want to draw maps too But then they all sat together. I was like, not the countries that sat together. It was like four guys in a room. That’s it. Don’t mistake. It was like all kind of like drinking and like, let’s get the hookers after we draw the map because I like a hooker after I draw a map. But let’s draw the map first. Okay. So we have to draw lines in the Middle East. Again, the African. like oil like we understood that oil will be important so how do we divide that well there’s egypt there’s about like 150 million or whatever people there and then there’s saudi arabia which is a group of tribe they’re not really kind of together they’re more like little tribes and how do we draw this And then there was this big idea at that table that the guy had that is like, maybe it will be easier to control them, like the resources and the people there, if it’s a smaller group than a bigger group. Hey, that’s a great idea, buddy. All right. So let’s draw it like this. Saudi Arabia, you get like all the oil for those like 20 million people. They get all the oil. Bam, that’s it. You just won the lottery. Egypt? You’re too many. It’s like we don’t understand really what’s happening there. So you get none. Let’s draw it like this. No oil for Egypt. All the oil on this side for those guys because there are less people. So all the borders contribute to inequality among nations. Well, something like that.

Can borders be considered a form of discrimination?

You can use the word that you want, but yes. When they have, let’s say in Switzerland, because they have some little borders, they’re kind of like, we’re part of Europe, but not as much. So they have these flying borders or whatever. So sometimes you have a border, so Then a border agent get into the train. It’s like, passport. Canada doesn’t even look. Europe doesn’t even look. Oh, like a red passport. Where’s that? Iran, open your shit. It’s like, random check for you. I wonder why. It’s just like, yeah, for sure. For sure.

Are borders necessary for maintaining national security?

In my opinion, no. They’re in fact the opposite. They just make an area around the border very unsafe but then people still cross and then you still have to have national security i guess within your thing which is really like kind of make your city safe but forget about like a line it’s just like it has to be safe everywhere so i don’t think it does maintain national security but i’m sure people will disagree on this one.

Are borders an obstacle to achieving global human rights standard?

I think so. Yeah. I think maybe in 1,000 or 10,000 years, maybe we’ll have getting rid of them. And then it will more be like, you’re a human, perfect. You’re on Earth, perfect. Then that’s how we qualify human rights, a human on Earth. and not like you’re a human yes on earth yes from where what do you mean which forest then you have a list of rights and also like maybe you won the lottery maybe you didn’t let’s see in 10 000 years.

Are borders a reflection of power dynamics and geopolitics?

Yes,they’re more a reflection of Like some guys in a room 200 years ago decided to draw a line or to go to war to push it by 10 kilometers. So there were a reflection of grandiose guys in the room deciding to do something. And in many case, a giant group of guys not knowing that they don’t have to listen to them. That would be called the army. You have to fight. Oh, really? I didn’t know. Like, oh, now you’re dead. So they’re a reflection of grandiose man who wants their name on a map.

Are borders a barrier to achieving sustainable development goals?

There. There are barriers. There are barriers to many things. Sometimes you have resources on both sides of a border, and then they go to war just because the resources are on the both sides of the border. If you remove the border, then maybe they could talk. Yes.

How do borders contribute to the fragmentation of global financial systems?

I don’t know. The global financial system is also based on currencies, and currencies are based on those borders. So if you remove the borders, I guess you remove the currency. Then you can choose one currency, the US Yuan, to be the only currency that we have. But that, again, will be something to be seen in 10,000 years. We’ll see in 10,000 years.

Are borders a tool for authoritarian regimes to suppress freedom of speech?

It’s not that the border is a tool. It’s within the borders they can operate freely. Because on the other side of the border, the other people are like, well, it’s not on my side of the line. So whatever happens on the other side, I don’t care.

Are borders an outdated in the age of globalization?

Yes they are,that’s my opinion like look i know like some people will so disagree with that

Can borderless societies exist without compromising security?

I think so like i think it has nothing to do with it I don’t think they increase security. Quite the opposite. Look at the United States and Mexico. They decrease security by a lot. I don’t think they serve any purpose. Any.

How do borders impact the movements of goods and services?

They’re restricted. They restrict goods and services to go from one side to the other. Now you can sell your stuff on the other side of the border, but you have to talk to the police. You have to present a pile of document. And then it’s kind of like, okay, and then if you don’t have the proper pile of document, then you can’t sell your goods and services. But then sometimes it’s just like very stupid. I have blueberries. Why can’t I sell them there? You can, but you have to apply a 25% tax. because people on the other side, they can’t produce for that cheap and we want them to produce for that cheap and then it’s like a whole mess. Then after that, they realize that it’s a mess and they make like these trades agreement. Okay, so between those two countries, three countries, let’s say Canada, Mexico, the United States, like goods and services aren’t treated like people. We will not restrict goods and services. Okay, except this list of 10 things. Milk, a 2.302, like wood, yes. Why? This is just like apply the same rules that good services and people can go wherever they want. You have a truck of stuff that you want to sell, go sell it anywhere, whatever. So they impact the movement. They restrict it.

What are the economic benefits of open borders?

Well, just like no restriction and good services and people. And the market kind of like takes care of the rest. It’s a self-optimizing thing.

Do borders in their efforts to address global health crises?

Yeah, that’s like, so COVID was a good example of now. Okay, we have borders. Yeah, but the virus doesn’t really stop at the border, right? So it was a, good example of ah now we have to get together because we’re stuck with this problem like on earth ah the border the real border between like solid crust and space now that’s the border that i can respect let’s say it’s like it that’s a very real border okay like the cat go there and so we’re stuck on this crust here That’s the border.

And that was a good example of “Why I think borders are stupid” and things should be dealt on Earth by humans. My opinion, guys. Now, feel free to go in the comments and go nuts. I will be a pleasure to initiate a discussion with you on why borders, I think, are stupid. And I will be trying to address the comments in a subsequent video. Until then, it was a pleasure. If you like this video, well, subscribe. Go find me. I have a bunch of links. Click on everything. You’ll find me on TikTok, Spotify, everywhere. Guys, it was a pleasure. Ciao.

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