I Want To Travel the World, Where Do I Start? – My experience

Hey there! I’m Gab, and welcome to my blog, where I share my travel and entrepreneurship experiences. Today, I want to talk about a question I stumbled upon online that really piqued my interest: “I want to travel the world, where do I start?”. I think I can share my experience, the places I’ve discovered, those I wish to visit, how I choose a place, what I like, what I don’t, and where I’ve been.

Let’s start our global tour. It’s an interesting question because I never really researched it before I started traveling. Had I done so, I might have chosen my destinations differently, as I ended up in places where I wondered: “What the heck am I doing here?”. But I guess that’s also part of the journey: you discover the world and, I suppose, you discover yourself at the same time.

So far, I’ve traveled to over 50 countries, although I must admit I’m a bit cheeky with that number. So, where did I start? Let’s begin.

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My adventures in North America

This illustration represents both the beauty of the underwater world of Turks and Caicos and the journey you undertook to Europe, symbolizing a journey full of discovery and excitement.

After my initial travel experiences in other countries, my adventure took me to North America, where I had some notable experiences. One of them was in Turks and Caicos, where I worked for six weeks building a type of condominium. Now, twenty years later, I saw on Facebook that those condos are thriving in South Caicos.

But it wasn’t all work; I also had the chance to delve into the fascinating underwater world of the region. I vividly remember an encounter with sharks, one that nearly cost me a leg. It was a thrilling and dangerous experience that I certainly won’t forget.

Then, my journey took me to France, marking my first trip through Europe. I spent two weeks there with my mother, exploring and soaking up the culture. After she returned to Canada, I stayed alone in Europe, not knowing when I would return. It was a moment of freedom and discovery, a turning point in my life as a traveler.

These experiences in North America and the start of my European journey reflect the diversity and richness of adventures that can be found when traveling. Each destination brings new experiences, learnings, and unforgettable moments.

A quick-stop to Japan

the image that reflects your brief but meaningful visit to Japan, highlighting both the advanced technology and cleanliness of Tokyo and the traditional Japanese elements.

On my journey to China, I had the opportunity for a quick yet memorable stopover in Japan. For me, a country counts on my travel list if I spend at least one night there, and that’s exactly what I did in Japan.

We arrived in Japan, exited the airport, and headed to Tokyo. There, we spent the night and took the chance to explore a bit of the city. What struck me most about Japan was how incredibly clean and futuristic it is. The food was amazing, and even the bathrooms in the airport were a technological marvel, with buttons, sliding doors, and sprays of water. Although it was a short stay, the experience was very impactful and left a strong impression on me of how advanced and meticulous this country is.

Japan, with its blend of technology and tradition, was a fascinating stop on my journey. Brief as it was, the visit left me eager to explore this country more thoroughly in the future.

My trips to Europe

represents your travels in Europe, capturing the diversity of experiences and cultural richness of the continent.

My travels through Europe began with a special experience: my first trip to the continent. My arrival in France marked the beginning of this new chapter of adventures. I spent two weeks exploring with my mother, immersing ourselves in the culture, history, and beauty of France.

After my mother’s departure back to Canada, I found myself alone in Europe, with an entire continent to discover. It was an exciting and liberating moment. I said to myself, “I’m in Europe and I don’t know when I’ll be back”, and with that mindset, I set out to explore.

Europe was a revelation for me, a blend of ancient traditions and modernity, of stunning landscapes and vibrant cities. Each country, each city had its own character, its own stories to tell. This trip wasn’t just a tour of different places, but also a journey of self-discovery and adventure.

My trip to South America

This illustration reflects the energy of the sport, the charm of the small towns and the rich culture of the region.

My adventure in South America began with a unique experience: learning to kitesurf. This water sport led me to explore different beaches and immerse myself in a vibrant and lively culture.

One of the destinations I visited was Panama, where the old city captivated me with its picturesque charm. However, I discovered that Panama is a place with two faces; while the old city had its charm, the rest didn’t impress me as much. Despite that, I found ways to enjoy myself, especially in surfing.

Then I headed to Nicaragua, a place that pleasantly surprised me. I loved surfing in the small coastal towns, especially in San Juan del Sur. There, life was laid-back and I enjoyed the small pleasures, like my morning coffee at La Tostadería. This part of my trip was filled with fun, especially because I shared it with friends and family.

These travels through South America showed me the beauty and diversity of its landscapes, its people, and their cultures. It was a journey that balanced sports adventure with cultural discovery and the enjoyment of everyday life.

One more trip around the world

the image that captures the essence of your global journey, from the majesty of Oceania to the cultural richness of Southeast Asia. This illustration reflects the diversity of the destinations you've explored, showing both iconic natural landscapes and vibrant urban cities.

After my adventures across different continents, I embarked on another journey around the world, exploring new horizons and cultures. I began this odyssey in Oceania, visiting New Zealand and Australia for the first time. While I found these places fascinating, I also learned an important lesson about traveling on a budget; Oceania can be quite expensive.

From there, I headed to Southeast Asia, starting with Malaysia, a notable change in costs compared to Australia. I then spent some time in Singapore before flying back home for an electoral commitment. But my adventurous spirit didn’t stop there. I returned to Asia, this time to explore Bali, an island that captivated me with its beauty and unique culture.

Finally, I found myself in Thailand, specifically in Chiang Mai, a place that captured my heart and made me feel at home. This trip around the world was not just a collection of destinations; it was a journey of self-discovery, learning, and connecting with diverse cultures and people.

My travel experience in a nutshell

the image that symbolizes the essence of your global travel experiences. This illustration captures the diversity and richness of your adventures, showing symbolic elements that reflect the vastness and diversity of the world you have explored.

My travel experience so far has been a blend of exploration, discovery, and learning. I’ve visited both huge cities and small corners within them, always seeking those experiences that align most closely with my personality and interests.

Throughout these journeys, I’ve encountered places that have captivated me and others that still call to me for future explorations. My adventure is not just about the destinations; it’s also about the people I’ve met, the cultures I’ve experienced, and the lessons I’ve learned.

Each place I’ve visited has its own story, and each has contributed something unique to my life. I’ve collected anecdotes and experiences that I hope can serve as inspiration or guidance for other travelers.

Places I would love to visit

the relaxed beach of Byron Bay in Australia and the mountainous landscapes of Utah in the United States. This illustration reflects the contrast between the laid-back lifestyle of the beach and the adventurous spirit of mountain exploration.

Even though I’ve traveled extensively, there are still many places on my wish list. One of these is Australia, a vast and diverse country. I’d like to explore more than what I saw on my previous visit. Byron Bay, with its laid-back, hippie vibe, and the northern part of Perth on the western side of Australia, with its diving opportunities, are particularly appealing to me.

In the United States, there’s a place that especially catches my attention: Utah. I’ve never been there, but I’ve been told it’s a paradise for those who enjoy mountains and hiking. The idea of exploring its natural landscapes and trails excites me.

In contrast, there are places I definitely don’t plan on returning to, like Times Square in New York. I prefer to avoid the overwhelming crowds and the barrage of lights. However, I still find charm in other areas of New York, like Brooklyn, which offers a completely different vibe.

These are just some of the places I still long to visit, and I know there are many more waiting to be discovered.


Looking back on my travels, I see a series of experiences that have shaped who I am today. From exploring vast cities to finding peace in small corners within them, each place I’ve visited has left a mark on my life. Through these travels, I’ve learned to choose destinations that resonate with my interests and personality, always seeking authentic and enriching experiences.

The stories and anecdotes I’ve shared are just a fraction of what I’ve experienced. I hope they have inspired or helped you in some way. If you have any questions about my travels or need advice for your own adventures, I’d be delighted to help.

In summary, traveling is more than just moving from one place to another; it’s a journey of personal and cultural discovery. It’s about learning about the world, but also about oneself. And though I’ve come a long way, I know there’s still so much more to explore and experience.

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