Tool Overview to Manage an Autonomous Hotel

Today, we’ll be sharing the innovative methods we use to run our hotel in an autonomous manner while ensuring exceptional guest communication.

Gone are the days of traditional countryside motels; we’ve transformed ours into a tech-driven hotel by replacing the reception with a technological solution. We rely on two main tools to make this possible – Pie, our price intelligence engine and Cloud Beds, our hotel management automation tool. With Pie, we’re able to automatically adjust prices to maximize profits, and with Cloud Beds, we can manage room availability and pricing on multiple platforms from one central location.

We aim to make the booking experience for our guests as seamless as possible. On our website, we have a dedicated page where guests can book a room with ease. Upon check-in, guests receive an automated SMS with all the necessary information such as check-in and check-out times, room number, and wifi information.

We understand that some guests may prefer human interaction, which is where Zendesk, our guest communication tool, comes in handy. This tool enables guests to text us if they need anything, and they’ll receive automated SMS and email messages with all the information they require. Our remote lock system enables guests to access their rooms with a unique code, and we use Zendesk as our ticketing system for all guest communications.

Zendesk integrates with our Gmail account and creates a ticket for every interaction, be it an email or phone call. This helps us keep track of all communication tasks and resolve them efficiently. We make it a point to check suspended tickets at the end of each day to ensure nothing important goes unnoticed.

By utilizing these tools and processes, we’re able to provide outstanding guest communication services, enhance our guests’ overall experience, and streamline our hotel management process. Join us as we continue to share our experiences and knowledge on managing a hotel in a modern and tech-driven way.


00:00:00 Intro
00:01:30 We did a mistake …
00:03:10 we will introduce all the tools we use to manage our hotel 00:04:10 The story of the hotel and our actual contex
00:05:30 CloudBeds
00:10:40 Reservations with our website
00:12:40 Communication with clients with Akia
00:17:05 Remotelock
00:23:00 Zendesk
00:30:50 Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)
00:36:40 Airbnb host dashboard
00:39:00 Booking host dashboard
00:42:55 Final conclusions about what an autonomous hotel is 00:46:45 David’s experience as the manager of the Hotel
00:48:00 Guest experience with an autonomous hostel
00:49:45 What we will be talking about next videos

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