The tools to manage our Hotel

Today we are both excited to share our experiences and knowledge with you. We have a list of tools we plan to use and go through in detail in the coming videos. Our goal is to help and provide guidance on how to use each tool effectively. Join us as we explore the world of technology and share our insights with you.

Cloudbeds is a reservation or booking system for hotels in the hospitality industry. It has a booking engine for customers to book directly on the hotel’s website and a connection tool for popular online travel agencies (OTAs) such as Airbnb,, and Expedia. The system synchronizes calendars to avoid over bookings, manages reservations, and provides reports, revenue, and data. Cloudbeds also has an API to allow data retrieval through code. The hotel is satisfied with the results and uses Airbnb,, Expedia, and Postal World as OTAs, with and Airbnb being the most popular. Airbnb started as a residential rental solution but has evolved into a platform for hotels. The hotel communicates directly with the third party for customer service, with a commission fee paid to With Expedia, the hotel has a two-night minimum policy and is known for its robust interface.

We create  blog posts using WordPress and a few online tools. These tools will help you make the most out of your content, whether it’s video or text.

We also use Canva to create thumbnails and other graphic elements for our blog posts. This tool is easy to use and helps non-artistic people create artistic content.

Now,  we’ll talk about WeVideo, an online video editor. This tool is great for managing video content, especially when you’re working with a team of people who have different computer setups. WeVideo has a subscription fee, but it allows you to edit heavy and big videos without using your computer’s resources.

Our next tool is Descript, a transcription tool that’s mostly used for video and audio files in the podcast format. Descript is great for transcribing audio or video files into a text file. You can also do some light video editing within the tool, making it an efficient tool for content creation. The text from the transcription can be used as the body text for a blog post, saving time and making it easier to create content.

For password management, we use LastPass. This software stores all our login credentials in a single, encrypted database, making it easy to manage passwords for different tools. While LastPass was hacked recently, it’s still considered a safe tool. However, it’s a good practice to change your passwords regularly, especially after a security breach.

Finally, we use Trello, which is a card manager that can be used as a project management tool. Trello allows you to create cards and post them on an online board, making it an efficient way to manage projects and tasks.

In conclusion, these tools help us make the most out of our blog posts, whether it’s creating content, managing passwords, or organizing projects. Whether you’re working with a team or managing your own blog, these tools can help you save time and create great content.


00:00:00 Intro
00:02:00 My vision for live videos
00:02:50 Introduction to Cloudbeds
00:06:00 What OTAs we are using ?
00:12:50 Ania as a guest communication software
00:16:20 Remotelock
00:19:45 Zendesk
00:23:30 WordPress for our website
00:25:22 G-Suite workspace
00:27:45 Quickbooks for accounting
00:29:40 Marketing tools
00:32:10 Descript
00:34:25 Canva
00:34:45 LastPass
00:36:36 Trello
00:39:00 Topics we will be taking about next time

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