Introducing Patreon to our Project

As a content creator in today’s digital world, it’s important to have a strong platform to showcase your work. In the past, this meant having separate accounts on platforms like Patreon and a personal website, but now there is a better solution. By combining your Patreon and website, you can offer a seamless experience to your audience and simplify content creation for yourself.

Rebrand and Consolidate

The first step is to rebrand your Patreon account to align with your website. This will create a consistent brand image for your audience and make it easier for them to find all of your content in one place. The content creators in this scenario have decided to rebrand their Patreon account as “Gavin Alley”. This change will be communicated to their existing Patreon subscribers, who will have the option to upgrade to the new tiers.

Improve User Experience

The next step is to ensure the website provides a better user experience for the audience. This can be done by hosting everything on the same domain, which will reduce costs and simplify website management. The website should have three options for the audience to choose from: Galvan, Orga Sos, or Gavin Alley. This will give the audience the flexibility to select what they want to see and how they want to access the content.

Invest in Equipment and Software

To enhance the show, it’s important to invest in equipment and software. The creators should focus on improving the lighting, sound, and overall production quality of their content. This might involve buying new equipment to enhance their voice, or researching software to improve the sound quality after recording. The creators can also experiment with the capabilities of the stream deck and try different types of content to make it more engaging and entertaining for the audience.

Broadcast Live and Offer a Range of Content

The content of the show should include a mix of reviews, tutorials, and behind-the-scenes moments. The creators should also consider live-streaming their content, which will give the audience the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers in real-time. This will add excitement and engagement for the audience. The creators can broadcast live on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, LinkedIn, or a custom RTMP.


00:00:00 Intro
00:01:00 How to improve what we have
00:05:06 Talking about adding Patreon
00:08:50 Defining our multiple sources of income
00:10:45 Analyzing a previous Patreon experience
00:13:16 Discussing our options to work with Patreon
00:18:50 broadcasting live to Patreon
00:19:20 Access to our content without a Patron account ?
00:22:45 Discussing possible options
00:25:55 Brainstorming of our future content
00:33:35 For the next video

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