The master plan !

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David and I aim to share our knowledge and experiences in building a business and ATO through our members-only live stream. We had encountered some setbacks in the past, but we are now determined to make the project a success. The live stream will be hosted on Riverside and will be available for members through Patreon, YouTube, or our website. We plan to process and release the sessions to the public a month later to create a knowledge base accessible to everyone.

Our main focus is to make our content accessible to as many people as possible, therefore, we plan to produce the content in English initially, and later add voice overs or subtitling in other languages depending on audience demographics. Our aim is to balance the accessibility of our content with the most efficient production process.

We plan to monetize our content by utilizing other people’s resources, and we aim to manage a small team of two with specific responsibilities. Our goal is to teach rather than doing the work ourselves and to ensure the smooth functioning of the project even when one of us is absent.

In conclusion, our ultimate aim is to make our content accessible to everyone who wants to help us, and by making our business a success, we hope to reach our goal of transferring our knowledge to others in a more effective way.


00:00:00 Intro
00:01:00 what are we going to do ?
00:03:55 Who gets access to the live content ?
00:05:45 Schedule
00:07:50 Things we we talk about
00:10:10 Defining our structure
00:12:00 Introducing ourselves
00:13:37 Content in different languages ?
00:19:00 The use of recording the content
00:20:30 All of our tools
00:22:40 Our main organization tools
00:24:30 Since when do we meet ?
00:28:00 Concluding first ideas
00:29:30 Talking about the team responsibilities
00:34:50 My experience and the story of my previous business 00:36:50 My actual real objective

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