Creating our content creation Process

The year 2022 was a year of growth and progress for me. Ali and I have made significant progress on the software we have been working on. We’re excited to introduce Riverside, a web broadcasting app, which we believe will allow us to deliver high-quality content to our members and the public.

I believe it’s important to reach as many people as possible through multiple platforms and formats. That’s why we have a YouTube channel and a blog, to cater to both video and text-based consumers. We’re keeping it simple at first, with everything available on both YouTube and the website.

On YouTube, our content can be either long and podcast-style or short and sweet. Our blog posts, on the other hand, tend to be around 2000 words long and focus on a specific subject. One approach, we’re taking is to live stream the video and then extract the high-quality video for the blog, adding a transcript for easier navigation.

While breaking down the video into clips can have its advantages, it’s also important to consider the potential downsides, such as duplicating content and clips not appearing in YouTube recommendations.

Overall, I believe having both a YouTube channel and a blog will help us reach a wider audience and appeal to both video and text-based consumers. Our focus is on building and improving our brand over time, while keeping the process simple and focused on the discussion as a whole.

In conclusion, having a YouTube channel and a blog can help you reach a wider audience and appeal to both video and text-based consumers. By keeping the process simple at first and focusing on the discussion as a whole, you can start building your brand and improve over time.


00:00:00 Intro
00:01:17 Recap from one day before
00:02:20 General opinions of Riverside
00:04:00 Discussing our process
00:04:45 Describing the beginning of the process
00:06:07 Next step, editing with Descript
00:10:15 What proceeds with long clips ?
00:12:50 Discuss our best possibilities and options
00:15:45 Concluding the steps we should follow
00:19:00 The tasks for the rest of the team
00:20:50 Process depending on the type of content
00:21:40 Ideas for new content
00:24:30 What to improve with practice for our process
00:27:30 Our conclusion

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