A quick overview of Riverside

One topic I wanted to talk about today is the issue of copyright matches in our channel. A member of our audience brought this to my attention. You see, in the channel’s copyright section, you may come across matches. These matches happen when we take a section of a video and upload it to a different channel that we have.

In this case, it was a video I did with Ali that caused the match, but since both channels belong to us, there shouldn’t be a problem. To resolve this issue, we simply select the video and identify it as not being a copyright issue. This is a common issue that many content creators face, especially those who extract clips from their main channel and upload them to a separate channel.

However, if we come across a match that involves a song or other audio in the background, it’s a different story. In these cases, we need to investigate the copyright situation. To avoid these types of issues, we have a pretty restricted sound zone.

Now, let’s move on to the channel projects. Currently, I’m using a streaming software called Riverside. This software is mainly designed to be a Zoom call/podcast interview recording solution. When you record a call on Google Meet or Zoom, the audio and video quality is often compressed and you can’t improve it.

But Riverside solves this problem by recording both the host’s computer, webcam, or phone and uploading it to their server. The live broadcast quality might not be the best, but the server receives the high-quality image a few minutes after the call is finished. This means that after you’ve broadcast live, you can extract clips and do some basic editing directly on the software.

Today, I’m going to give a quick tour of Riverside for my team. Once a recording is finished or a live broadcast is over, there will be tasks for my team to complete. Most of the time, we’ll be live, so I’ll be sharing my screen.

That’s all for now, I hope you enjoyed this update and learned something new about our channel and Riverside. Stay tuned for more exciting content!


00:00:00 Intro and getting ready
00:01:35 Copyright matches
00:03:50 Talking about Riverside
00:05:12 What are you able to do ?
00:06:05 Small Tour through Riverside
00:08:02 The recordings in Riverside
00:09:00 Quick clip edition to export
00:13:40 Different exportation formats
00:15:10 Final conclusions

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