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GAB café, Montréal, Québec, Canada
GAB café, Montréal, Québec, Canada

Hi! My name is Gab and today, I want to to give some news from the GAB café.

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I’m sad to do this video but it was long time overdue that I must announce that the GAB café is now permanently closed. We moved the GAB café from the corner of Saint-Laurent and Villeneuve to the corner of Saint-Laurent and McGuire in January and February 2020.

We made a whole video about GAB café news. You can see it here or go ahead on our Youtube channel to watch it there.

The goal was to built my dream. A coworking hostel that I was trying to achieve for the last seven or eight years, we rented a big commercial space there, cut in the middle. The front part would be the co-working and the back part would be the hostel. That’s what we did in January and February, we built all that and we moved the hostel and that new building. We moved also the co-working there, we have time to open for a few weeks but I don’t know if you guys remember, March 2020 something happened that had to make us closed.

We have just open and we were forced to close. The next week, I had put all my money into that building and those renovations that we did and sadly we never got to open it. Now, I went to Google Maps and put temporary close because I didn’t know when or if I would be able to reopen it but now two years, maybe three soon has passed and I must now take the decision to permanently close it because we are not gonna reopen that in Montréal in the future.

I must say that the GAB Cafe still lives on in a way in Auberge de Nos Aïeux in charlevoix because we took the furniture that we had, the decoration, the vibe, the community, and we moved it to a new project that we started there which is an old hotel that we bought and we are now converting into a co-working hostel.

The spirit of the GAB café that was on sailara that had like not the best latte, but close to the best latte on the Plateau. That’s the coolest community, was the best co-working and the cheapest option to go work. Now, lives in Auberge de Nos Aïeux in Les Éboulements in the region of Charlevoix. If you are interested in coming to see, it would be a pleasure to host you there but for now I must say that the GAB café is now permanently closed. I have to thank everyone who was there for the many years that we work together. Listen to music, drink coffee, talk s***, and that part of my life is now behind us. Thank you everyone for all the years of support and it will be a pleasure to see you in those new projects.

This website, which is the old website of the GAB coworking and co-living is now converted into my personal blog where I will talk about travel and entrepreneuriat. If you’re curious, you can subscribe on YouTube or just leave your email below and it will be a pleasure to continue the discussion with you guys. Thank you very much. Have a nice day.

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