What do people want to know about Mexico?

Beach, Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Beach, Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo, Mexico

I found great questions of the first theme that I was looking, Mexico City. What do people want to know on Google about Mexico or Mexico City.

I’ve been to Mexico maybe, more than 10 times. I have a land in Mexico, I have a project there and I know Mexico pretty well. Here are a few questions that people ask themselves on Google, What to do in Mexico City? that was one of the Often searched thing. What to do In Mexico City? Mexico City is like New York City. What would you do in New York City? A big city?

We made a whole video about Mexico. You can see it here or go ahead on our Youtube channel to watch it there.

It’s always the same kind of vibe or activities. It’s walking around the city, enjoying the food, restaurants, bars or clubs shows. That’s what I think a city is a great for. It’s not about the great outdoors adventure, for sure. There are some like the Pyramids or there are things outside Mexico City but to be honest, if you go to Mexico City, and if you’re like me a little bit, I just want to chill, have fun, and work a bit on my computer. Go up for a coffee and take a long walk. That’s what I would suggest. Let’s say, you go to New York City. What do you do? Don’t go to all these touristy place, just enjoy the city.

Where to stay on Mexico City?

The two nice neighborhood in Mexico City are Roma and Condesa next to each other and that whole zone is walkable. It’s safe. The danger in Mexico City is mainly at night past midnight but those two locations are safe even during the night. I spent maybe four months of my life in those two neighborhoods, it’s huge and well located.

There is a Park chapel, the pack, which is like a big huge park with a castle on top of the mountain. I would walk around the neighborhood and often finish my walk in the back. Don’t go there at night, of course. But during the day it’s super safe.

I often took like walks and just to go on all the neighborhoods that were surrounding Roma and Condesa. Mexico City is huge and those two are like in the middle. If you look at the map it might not look as big, those two neighborhoods, but trust me they’re huge. You can walk like an hour and a half in that direction and you’re still in the same neighborhood.

The food is incredible in Mexico City. There’s all these foods like different type of food that they have all over from Mexico. It’s like it was the biggest city in the world when the Spanish arrived, when you look at the edit from a plane especially at night because you can see the light in the hills and with this pure city. I would recommend, when you go to Mexico City do a few of the touristy thing like go to Museo de Anthropology. It’s my favorite museum in the world but just chill and walk around the city. Go to cafes and drinks and stuff and just eat.

That’s and where to stay in Mexico City. It’s a whole mind Contessa and for me, there’s no real competition. If you want to know the exact location where I stay, when I go there, it’s incandesa.

What is Mexico known for?

My land is in Puerto Morelos or near Puerto Margolas in the jungle, it’s 10-15 kilometers away from Portum. Wireless is on Riviera Maya, it’s between Cancun and Playa Del Carmen. That old zone, I spent many months of my life there too building a camping, buying the land, and just trying to build something there. This is a cool place and this is very different from Mexico City over there. It’s a jungle basically. You’re in the Caribbean waters. Beautiful. Temperature is warm all year long and Mexico is mainly known for that region.

What to do in Riviera Maya?

Cancun Playa del Carmen Tulum and then all the small towns in between they start to be more popular. Puerto Morelos then all the way to Bakala and then Maya. If you go there the main activity is diving, diving is great there. Although the reef is in pretty bad shape, the last time I went and dove on the reef it was like the reef as seen too many people. Too much, like a sun cream and then there’s too many people there, plus the water gets warm. If you want to know what to do in Riviera Maya, I would say that diving is the main activity.

What to do in Playa De Carmen?

Playa De Carmen, that’s a that’s my favorite city because it used to be crazy. The 5th Avenue, like insane bar clubs and a motel zone kind of thing. Then just beside the Fifth Avenue on the 10th Avenue and on the 5th Avenue north, you have all these like lower stories, maybe three stories building for stories building.

There’s a lot of food. The restaurants are pretty good in the Playa del Carmen, there is Primo which is my favorite there. It’s a great chef and it’s 10 tables and the food is pretty amazing in player that man and it’s an easy walkable city. You have the beach right there for a great weather.  It’s close to Canada Northeast of Canada and the United States. You have a lot of people that go there for vacation for a bit of sun with cheap flight quick and then they go back. In terms of city, I would recommend Playa del Carmen. In terms of activities, I would recommend mainly diving and I’m sure that if you look at blog posts, you will have like 10,000 other activities to do there that are mainly touristic, but I’m kind off the beaten path a little bit.

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